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Metro Healthcare Incentive Program

Little to No Copays, Deductibles or Coinsurance1
High-quality care just for Metro employees and their dependents.

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High-quality Care For Metro employees

As a Metro employee or pensioner*, you and your dependents are eligible to participate in the Metro Healthcare Incentive Program. Whether you need primary care or imaging - we’ve got you covered for little to no cost.1

* Federal law prohibits participation in the incentive program if Medicare if your primary insurance.

No Sign Up or Paperwork

Just show your Cigna PPO or Cigna HRA health insurance card.

No Copays & No Deductibles

CIGNA PPO: Little to no copays and deductibles when you use NGH/NHC services

CIGNA: Little to no deductibles or coinsurance once you have spent all your HRA fund.2

Save up to $2,000

You can save as much as $1,000 - $2,000 if ALL services are provided at NGH or NHC.3

Who is eligible to participate?

This incentive program is open to all Metro employees, pensioners and their dependents who are covered under a Metro medical plan. All you need is a current Metro healthcare plan. Federal law prohibits participation in the incentive program if Medicare is primary insurance.

How much does it cost?

Not only is there zero cost to participate in the Metro Healthcare Incentive Program, but you’ll also enjoy little to no copay for healthcare at Nashville General Hospital (NGH) and Nashville Healthcare Center (NHC).2

Stay Connected

Cigna will continue to send members Explanation of Benefits (EOBs). The EOBs will state “amount owed provider” — this is not a bill. This is the amount we do not collect unless it is referencing a third-party vendor as previously noted. 

A Healthcare System that costs less and cares more.

Here, we provide convenient, accessible locations for our program members to visit.

Your Metro Healthcare Incentive Program is Easy as 1. 2. 3.

  1. Represents out-of-pocket maximum of $1,000 single and $2,000 family for CIGNA HRA in-network providers, which includes deductibles and coinsurance, but not copays. You will NOT incur any copays for healthcare at NGH or NHC. 2
  2. Incentive program begins in Cigna’s Stage 2. Medical expenses covered entirely by Metro-funded HRA until Stage 2. To qualify for no-cost care under the Metro Healthcare Incentive Program, all ancillary/rehab services must be performed at Nashville General Hospital, even if employees are seeing a physician at Nashville Healthcare Center.
  3. Copays may be charged by a third-party lab.
  4. Cigna will continue to send members Explanation of Benefits (EOBs). The EOBs will state “amount owed provider” — this is not a bill. This is the amount we do not collect unless it is referencing a third-party vendor as previously noted. If you mistakenly receive a bill from Nashville General Hospital, please contact our Billing Department.
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About Nashville General

For more than a century, Nashville General Hospital has been serving the community as a steadfast beacon of care and compassion — making outstanding, comprehensive health care accessible to all. Here, all are welcomed, and all are treated equally. We serve as a lifeline for the health needs of our Nashville community. Your well being is our primary concern — and our experienced and skilled professionals are here to nurture both health and hope.

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Nashville healthcare Center

About Nashville Healthcare Center

Established in 2016 to address the needs of our Metro employees, the Nashville Healthcare Center started as a primary care clinic with two family medicine providers. In 2019, Nashville General Hospital opened the first offsite location in Midtown and transitioned all primary and specialty clinics under the Nashville Healthcare Center brand. Offering primary care and over 23 medical specialties, the Nashville Healthcare Center is here for you and your family. Our board-certified providers are dedicated to providing patient-centered care with a strong focus on prevention and wellness. Learn more about NHC

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